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The invention of photography

Le magazine, l'invention de la photographie

Who invented photography? Many will answer Nicéphore Niepce . Yes, we will attribute the invention of photography to him. But his contribution is the culmination of a long process that began in antiquity and developed from film to digital photography as we know it today.

La Gacilly Festival

Magazine, festival La Gacilly

The La Gacilly photography festival in Morbilhan will be held this year from June 1 to October 1 , its title is “La naute en patrimoine”

Photo exhibitions spring 2023

In this article, Photo-passions takes us from Charleroi to Nice, via Paris to discover the photo exhibitions of this spring.

The Sainte Victoire mountain, from shadow to light

Le magazine, montagne Sainte Victoire

From June 16 to 29, 2023Exhibition of photos by  Fanny Cayette . Sports photographer who criss-crosses the mountains by walking or running and above all by taking quality shots. At  La Croisée des Arts in Saint-Maximin la Sainte-Baume .

The 3 poles Vincent Munier

This is the title of an exhibition on view until January 15, 2023 at the Charles Nègre Museum in Nice . Photographer Vincent Munier believes that the earth has 3 poles: the Arctic, the Antarctic and TibetHe involved the writer-globe-trotter Sylvain Tesson in his adventures and together they made the film La panthère des neiges (Oscar for best documentary film), visible at the museum throughout the exhibition.