Equipment is the section in which you will find advice for choosing your device.You will make this choice based on the photographer you want to be.Let’s see the different kinds of reflex or hybrid cameras and their lenses. Then the compact or bridge devices .Are lens filters useful in digital photography? What are the different kinds of filters?What are the characteristics of a memory card? How to choose it?

Equipment, Disassembled cameras

Impressive, right? Rest assured, we do not plan to disassemble our devices to see what they have in store.

equipment, accessories

Equipment, cameras
The filters

What are the essential accessories and the useful accessories? How to use them? Lenses, filters, tripods, remote controls, memory cards.


I wrote a lexicon that brings together the words commonly used in photography. It is called Dikofoto , the illustrated dictionary of photography .200 definitions of words used since the beginnings of the medium. To find out more, you can access the Photo-passions article : Dikofoto