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Welcome to our blog. You will find on this home page the description of the different headings that compose it and useful information.The site map (link below, and on all pages) lists all blog posts, by section

Know the picture

Bienvenue connaître la photo

Want to learn more about photography? I offer you in this blog simple, educational articles, without addressing too technical aspects. I am looking for information for you that I am happy to share. There is not a teacher and students, just enthusiasts who exchange their knowledge.



Photo-passions is our parent company . This site brought together 8 different sections. We have decided to separate them into 2. Photo-passions retains the academic part (history, big names, news, etc.). Photo practices can be found in Photo for Dummies


Bienvenue le matériel

  • Choose a device and its accessories.
  • Understand how it works.
  • Master your settings.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t advise you to take your photos with this style of camera. But I think it has a certain cachet!

Our beautiful photos

Bienvenue Prise de vue

It is indeed a photograph. It is composed like a painting, hence the wink with the brush and the palette.

  • Know the rules of composition of an image.
  • Control the light.
  • Define the styles of photos we want to take.
  • Know how to retouch your images…

The shop

Bienvenue nos livres

In this section, I offer books that will help you in your photographic practice.Dikofoto , occupies a place of choice: I have gathered in this 76-page book, 200 definitions that will allow you to use the right words in your practice and your exchanges.You will also find tips for buying accessories suitable for your photographic intentions.

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The magazine

Bienvenue magazine

The magazine is a section related to photographic practice. You will find summaries of our publications on our other sites:

  • Photo-passions
  • You wanted to see…

Exhibitions, history, big names, photo album…The photograph above was taken by Roger Jourdain, voted best photographer in the world in 2016 and 2017.

Welcome Nicefox

Nicefox is our mascot. He intervenes in our articles to make subtle and sometimes sarcastic remarks.It also provides information, useful links or practical advice.

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